The Board


The role of the Board is to advise the Global SNSF Fellows Network in such a way that it is able to pursue its purpose, mission, and vision. The Board is responsible for and has the authority to determine matters relating to the policies, practices, administration, and operations of the Network, including ensuring good governance and determining the strategic vision and activities of the Network. Please find more details in our board charter here.

Join the Board

As the sustainability of the board is our top priority, we are looking for new board members. If you are interested in contributing to the network and supporting SNSF fellows in their journeys abroad, and to help shape the vision of our network, please get in touch with us either by email (snsf.fellows[at] or contact us via slack.

Tobias Schneider

Tobi is dedicated to investigating lakes and their sediments in order to unravel the local and regional environmental, climatic, and pollution conditions of the past of these crucial ecosystems. He applies a wide range of techniques to elucidate the nexus of past climate, humans, and environments. So far, he was involved in fieldwork campaigns in Central Chile, the Ecuadorian Andes, USA, Switzerland, and South and North Greenland. 

Currently, he is conducting his SNSF Postdoc.Mobility return grant project at EAWAG, Dübendorf. Previously, he was an Early Postdoc.Mobility fellow at the Geoscience Department of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Postdoc.Mobility fellow at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University.

Alongside his research, he co-founded with Alessandra and Vanessa the Global SNSF Fellows Network in which he serves as a board member.

Personal website | Wandel Dal project

Vanessa Jaiteh

Ness is a transdisciplinary marine scientist with a broad interest in issues affecting ecological and social sustainability in tropical fisheries. She has studied marine megafauna behaviour, protected and endangered species bycatch in industrial fisheries, shark fishing livelihoods, and marine protected area effectiveness in Australia, Indonesia, Palau, and Ghana. In between research projects, she has worked for the Australian and Palauan governments and on various consultancies in the Pacific region. She has completed an SNSF Early.Postdoc project on bycatch in Palau’s tuna fisheries, and a Postdoc.Mobility project studying fisher safety and working conditions in Ghana’s fisheries. 

Having spent most of her career in remote places, connecting with researchers around the world has been very important to her - which is why, in 2020, she helped co-found the Global SNSF Fellows Network with Alessandra and Tobi. in 2023, she started working on a project to improve quality control of seafood sustainability in Switzerland, funded through an SNSF Return grant and hosted by the University of Bern.

Celia Chui

Celia Chui is an Assistant Professor of Management at HEC Montreal. Prior to joining HEC Montreal, Celia was a SNSF postdoctoral fellow at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business and a SNSF visiting predoctoral fellow at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. She holds a PhD in Economic Sciences with a specialization in Management from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Using experimental and mixed field methods, her research focuses on decision-making and ethics in organizational and social settings, including issues related to prosocial behavior and gender. Her work on how situational factors influence moral judgment, social norms, and ethical decision-making demonstrates the malleability of morality and why good people can sometimes do bad things.

Joining the co-founders of the SNSF Global Fellows (Alessandra, Tobi, and Vanessa), in 2022, she currently serves as a board member to support and promote the professional careers of SNSF Fellows around the world.

Ethics, Creativity and Gender in Organizations Research Lab

Alessandra Ferrario (Observer)

Alessandra Ferrario is a researcher working at the intersection of health policy, health economics, health systems and health service research. Her research investigates determinants of access, or lack thereof, health care technologies and services.

Her current research investigates changes in use of palliative and hospice care for cancer patients in the US following the introduction of immune-checkpoint inhibitors. Together with Indonesian colleagues, she is researching the causes of recurrent shortages of essential pediatric cancer medicines in Indonesia to identify possible mitigation strategies and solutions. 

She is very interested in promoting greater use of data, particularly routinely collected data, to address policy and practice relevant questions and has been actively working with different countries to this end.

Alessandra was awarded two SNSF postdoctoral Fellowships by the SNSF and a Pyle Fellowship by Harvard Medical School. She holds a BSc in molecular Biology and an MSc in Epidemiology from the University of Basel, an MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a PhD from the London School of Economics. 

Her interest in creating a community of SNSF Fellows and more opportunities for talented scientists to pursue academic careers led her to co-found the SNSF global Fellows network with Tobias and Vanessa.