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Global SNSF Fellows Network

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A global network of researchers with funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation

Impressions of the second GSFN Summer Meet 2024 @ SNSF Bern

Impressions of the first GSFN Summer Meet 2023 @ SNSF Bern

Mission and Vision of the Network

Our mission is to contribute to creating sustainable career opportunities in research after the postdoctoral fellowship and to provide hands-on information and exchange opportunities for current fellowship holders abroad. Our vision is a world where talented researchers do not need to choose between financial security, work-life balance and pursuing their research career.

Our network is open for all researchers who have received funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation and other Swiss-educated postdoctoral fellows. We manage a Slack workspace with several hundred members of the Global SNSF Fellows Network.

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Contact board[at]globalsfellows.net for information.